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Transform and combine all of your eCommerce product data sources into optimized data feeds that generate revenue with our SaaS data feed platform.
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Some of the E-commerce Brands, Retailers & Agencies

Using our Product Feed Platform & Managed Service

Manage Your Feeds With Our Software

Customize & Optimize Product Data to From Anywhere to Sell More on Shopping Channels & Marketplaces with our SaaS Platform.


Feed-less integration with eCommerce platforms including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, IBM Websphere Commerce, Shopify, Oracle Commerce, Magento (all versions), Prestashop.


Efficient synchronization of inventory and price updates by means of Highstreet.io near real-time API, delta feeds and on-demand feed processing (also known as the push approach).


Flexible ingestion of multi-data sources to combine product data from PIM (product information management systems), OMS (order management systems) and eCommerce systems.


Effective scripting/template support to quickly configure almost any output feeds to marketing channels.


Support for near real-time output feed updates by means of delta feeds and/or Content APIs to Google and Facebook.

Integrate Your Products With Marketplaces

Integrate Product Data From Your eCommerce System or a PIM & and Synchronize Orders with Online Marketplaces.


Fully tested and marketplace ready order integration. Most marketplaces often have unique approaches to manage order status progression which are effectively standardized and unified by Highstreet.io.


Multi brand, market and marketplace inventory support to reduce or eliminate order cancellations due to inventory misalignments.


Multi brand, market and marketplace catalogue views with specific rules for bulk re-pricing, and bulk inventory and any other product property editing.


Complete and tested APIs for product, inventory, order and store object management.


Out-of-the-box integration with both niche & large marketplaces for large retailers.

Manage Multiple Store Listings 

Update Every Store’s Business Listing Data Dynamically & Seamlessly for Google Maps and Facebook Locations.


Native, API-based support for the two most used business listings platform in the world: Google My Business and Facebook Locations.


Fully supported curation system for individual or bulk editing of store properties (such as location, opening hours, posts, images and much more).


Integration with Google Maps to generate canonical addresses automaticallt approved by both GMB and FBL.


Costs are comparable to feed costs and hence a fraction of fees by SEO business listing-dedicated platforms. Curation costs are optional.


Platform already serves thousands of major retailers' store listings.

“Excellent service and technical/digital expertise. Thanks to Highstreet.io we executed a real Omnichannel strategy. They were able to optimize our shopping feed for Google and Bing and help us implement Google LIAs. We’re in the process of updating GMB and Facebook locations automatically with the help of Highstreet.io.”

— Anna Gnali
Digital Marketing Manager - Timberland EMEA

“After working with Highstreet.io for only 2 months it became evident they were a true strategic partner, coming to the table with more than a product, but actual solutions on how to further customize our feeds for Google Shopping.”

— Karla Correa
Director of Digital Acquisitions, MODA OPERANDI

We are now able to relate products to out of stock results, customize search results depending on what customer was searching for, change the sort order and access quality analytics to understand what people were looking for on their website. The decision to integrate Algolia with Magento, using Highstreet.io, was an easy one.  


— Jay Chinthrajah
V.P. of Engineering - M.M. LAFLEUR

“When we source these types of services, we look for providers that can fill the role of partner. Together with the obvious capabilities of the platform, Highstreet.io also offered a high level of data consultancy that is definitely an added value.”

— Enzo Panetta
Head of Digital Marketing and Innovation, UNIEURO

“We were facing two main challenges. The first was to reduce the resources we needed to devote to feed management in order to ramp up our digital marketing activities and the second was to improve the quality of our feeds to increase campaign performance. By leveraging Highstreet.io’s feed management expertise we were able to achieve both.”

— Nicola Antonelli
Web Project Manager, LUISAVIAROMA

“Our main concern was with finding a reliable solution and, together with accuracy of delivery, that’s exactly what Highstreet.io provided. I would consider Highstreet.io an excellent feed management solution for online retailers short on time or technical competence.”

— Stefano Susi
DIFFUSIONE TESSILE, Head of Business Intelligence
Boost Sales by Integrating Product Data Seamlessly

Connect to diverse data source types such as:

  • Product details directly from your Ecommerce platform like title, category, description, color, sale price, currency and more.
  • Order data from marketplaces. We synchronize your product and order data improving the efficiency of eCommerce product handling and logistics.
  • Inventory data from your online or brick & mortar stores pulling from multiple data sources.
  • Google Analytics performance data that could be translated into Best Seller or Highest Margin Custom Labels in your campaigns.
  • Store details  like hours of operation, descriptions and other location information for Google My Business and Facebook Locations.

ecommerce product feed software

Use Our Look-up Tables & Mapping Customizations to Optimize Your Product Data

There are hundreds, if not thousands of mapping tables used across our platform by our customers.

Mapping tables are used to:

  • Translate data
  • Standardize categories
  • Complete missing product fields


Are you a technical enough to customize and edit your own product feeds?

Use our platform to make your own customized updates. Feed flexibility is integral to making constant tweaks to your campaign performance. Highstreet.io relies on powerful and flexible features of our platform to transform your input data format into hundreds of output formats as specified by channel partners.

Our platform’s online editors support coding both languages combining them with flexible input and output filtering rules.

  •  Declarative approach: using a standardized language called Freemarker we’re able to optimize your product data quickly and easily
  • Scripting approach: applying Groovy scripting, a Java-like language, to simplify the data transformation configuration and minimize the time it takes to make complex product data transformations.


Distribute your feeds to an unlimited number of shopping channels, partners and marketplaces around the globe.

Learn How This Fashion Brand Got Google Shopping Results Quickly Using Highstreet.io.




Increase in Marketing Execution


Seamless Ecommerce Integration


GMC Product Approvals


PLA Custom Label Feed Integration Issues

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