Marketplace Synchronization

Automated listing and inventory synchronization

Product data configuration and optimization

Product data submission

Order management and Inventory synchronization’s expert data consultants take care of the details for listing your products in multiple marketplaces. We track and automatically synchronize your online store inventory as you receive orders. The result: increased sales from this massive customer base.

Product data configuration and optimization

Getting your products listed in multiple marketplaces can be time- consuming and labor intensive. Especially when you are trying to maximize the performance of your listings. takes the headache away by providing:

  • Complete management of your product data generation for all formats

  • Reliable and flexible data configuration to meet the requirements of each marketplace and ongoing changes to your product catalog

  • Experienced optimization process to ensure the right products are in the right categories with titles, descriptions and other attributes that maximize conversions

Product data submission

We automate the feed submission process so that your product data is automatically delivered accurately and frequently. Be assured that your product data feed is always up-to-date so you can concentrate on other aspects of growing your business.

Order management and Inventory synchronization automatically synchronizes your ecommerce website with your marketplace accounts.  This means that whenever you sell a product, the change in inventory is automatically updated across your sales channels, minimizing the risk of stock-outs and cancelled orders.

Elite customer service

Too many agency/customer relationships go sour because of miscommunication and mismatched expectations. At customer referrals and retention are the key to our success.

We deliver exceptional customer service in 3 important steps:

1. Provide “real-time” consulting services

During our project kick-off, pairs each client with an expert product feed consultant who translates our client needs and business urgency into an immediate project plan. This sense of urgency is carried throughout the project. Everyone is on the same page. No time is wasted.

2. Act with care

Client information and priorities are treated with the same sense of responsibility as our own. Confidential information, client discussions and business priorities are taken very seriously.

3. Deliver value

Our opinion on how to improve our client’s ROI is always communicated. We’re not shy to take a step back and tweak your solution if it means a better result. That’s what partners do.

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