Instagram Shopping is changing the face of advertising. According to Instagram, they had 1 billion monthly active users in 2019. How can you as a retailer or agency start tagging your products with a well-constructed Instagram Product Feed to market to this audience?

The Instagram Shoppable Post feature is currently available to approved businesses in: the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Ireland, South Africa, Belgium, Austria, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Malta, Ecuador, Panama, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, Romania, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic and Belize.

Enable Shopping and Create Shoppable Organic posts on Instagram

1) Make sure the Instagram app is updated
2) Sync a product catalogue with Facebook Shop (Instagram pulls the Facebook product feed through)
3) Click ‘options’ on your Instagram business profile, scroll down and select ‘products’
4) Authenticate your Instagram business account via its Facebook account
5) Choose a product catalogue to sync with Instagram for Instagram Shopping
6) Once set up, upload a photo as normal. On the caption page there will now be options to tag both people and products
7) Select ‘tag products’ and in the search bar type the name of the product
8) Move the tag to the correct spot on the photo
9) Instagram will pull in all product catalogue information from Facebook, including a link back to your website from the photo. Up to five product tags can be added per photo.
10) Click ‘share’ to set your shoppable Instagram post live!

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Sound easy? The one thing you might need more help with is Step 9. It’s important to include the correct product data within your feed in order to get the most out of your shoppable posts.

Contact to take the hassle out of setting up your Instagram Product Feed.

Instagram Feed Troubleshooting

Instagram has different catalog (feed) limitations compared to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and Google Shopping. On Instagram you can only upload 1 feed of your catalog to 1 account. If you have multiple Instagram accounts for every country/language there is no issue matching country specific product URLs to each Instagram account. If you only have 1 master account for your business you may need to look into updating your feed URLs to be more generic.

Scenario 1 – Your website pulls the country and associated language and currency dynamically

In this case you can update your product URLs to strip out the country. When you tag your product the URL should load the proper country based on the location data it pulls from your IP automatically.

Scenario 2 – Your website has unique static URLs for every product based on each country and/or language

On Instagram you can only upload 1 feed of your catalog to 1 account which means you need to choose 1 set of product URLs to include in your feed. Someone mousing over your products in a Shoppable Instagram post may not see the product name or price in their language or currency depending on where they are located.

NOTE: You can use your Facebook Dynamic Ads feed for Instagram if you’re only advertising in 1 country, 1 language and 1 currency. Otherwise follow the recommendations above to create a custom feed.

Get more in-depth information on setting up a Facebook Dynamic Ads Product Feed.

Instagram Product Tagging Process

1. Select your photo, add a caption / effects / filters etc and tap ‘Tag Products’ on the Share screen
2. Tap the products you wish to tag in the photo (You can tag up to 5 products per single-image post or up to as many as 20 products for multi-image posts.)
3. Then, enter the names of the products you want to tag and select them as they appear in the search box (they come from your product catalog feed that you uploaded to Facebook Business Manager)
4. Tap ‘Done’ and ‘Share’.

So get started on making your products shoppable on Instagram and start growing your product sales!


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