How do Online Merchants compete to attract customers in 2017? Find out the latest online shopping statistics, how to use eCommerce product listing data to maximize campaign ROI and Highstreet.io’s Enhanced Product Feed Solutions that leverage our product feed management platform to improve your existing feed solutions.

Enhanced Product Feed Solutions Leverage Our Product Feed Management Platform to Improve Your Existing Feed Solutions

How Do Consumers Shop in 2017?

  • 71% of Chinese Shoppers prefer buying toys online. Predominantly, on their mobile devices.
  • 69% of Brazilian shoppers prefer to buy online.
  • 37% of Global Shoppers prefer to purchase Health and Beauty products online.
  • 28% of Global Shoppers purchased all or most of their clothing & footwear online in the last 12 months.

How do Online Merchants Compete to Attract Customers in 2017?

Online Merchant Key to Success #1 – Use online shopping campaigns to maximize ROI

How can Highstreet.io help you?

  • Social Commerce feed generation, configuration, and optimization
  • Promotion Driven Feeds
  • Shopping Channel Feed Consulting
  • Google Merchant Centre Promotion Management
  • Dedicated Product Feed Consultant

Online Merchant Key to Success #2 – Ensure campaigns contain accurate product inventory

How can Highstreet.io help you?

  • API Integration for both data ingestion and distribution
  • Synchronize data across all online sales and marketing channels
  • Update product and inventory in real-time
  • Continuous incremental updates and rapid processing of high volume catalogs for retailers of all sizes

Online Merchant Key to Success #3 – Create ads with rich product data that entices a path-to-purchase

How can Highstreet.io help you?

  • Brand name standardization
  • Promotion driven feeds (mark products as part of a promotion)
  • Multilingual keyword mapping
  • Generation of unique ads and category Ids

Online Merchant Key to Success #4 – Provide feed flexibility to connect product data with multiple platforms

How can Highstreet.io help you?

  • Dedicated Product Feed Consultant
  • Create and manage local inventory feeds
  • Product listing in Marketplaces

Online Merchant Key to Success #5 – Improve the accuracy of online product ads and marketplaces by synchronizing prices and inventory in real-time

How can Highstreet.io help you?

  • Product data acquisition
  • Product data enhancements
    Campaign feed optimizations
  • Order management and synchronization

Which Enhanced Feed Performance Solution can help you grow your PROFIT?

  1. Delta Feed Support – Reduce marketing channel feed upload time and server load.
  2. Feed Enrichment – Reduce feed item disapprovals and suspensions.
  3. Doubleclick Integration – Quickly create feeds that work with Doubleclick Search, Campaign Manager and Bid Manager (including Studio).
  4. Real-Time Product Feeds – No more campaigns with missing, out-of-stock products, or incorrect prices.

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