AT Kearney has recently released their Global Retail E-commerce Index for 2015 which ranks countries in terms of their ecommerce market attractiveness.  The index evaluates countries on the following 4 factors:

– Online market size (40%)
– Growth potential (20%)
– Consumer behaviour (20%)
– Infrastructure (20%)

It then ranks the countries and publishes the top 30 most attractive ecommerce markets. Below are a few key insights that we gleaned from AT Kearney’s classification that we have put into an infographic.

This year the US beat out China for top spot with the UK coming in third place.

Although the online market size is weighted more heavily, the fact that eight out of the top ten markets scored more than 90 out of 100 on infrastructure illustrates the importance of this metric.

Belgium and Denmark were the big movers climbing more than ten places each, while South American markets Brazil and Argentina have been re-evaluated in a negative sense. Brazil dropped 13 places while Argentina collapsed 17 places to finish 28th and narrowly escape being excluded from the top 30.

The top five markets in terms of Growth potential (projected online sales growth) came from every corner of the globe:
1. China
2. Venezuela
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Mexico
5. Russia

For a more in depth analysis, the full classification can be accessed at the following link: www.atkearney.com/consumer-products-retail/e-commerce-index