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When it comes to advertising  products online, Brands need to maximize their budgets. With minimal time & resources it’s challenging to keep on top of updating your product data and optimizing it for all your online marketing channels.

Product Data Acquisition


Product Data Enhancements

Campaign Feed Optimizations

The Challenge

1. Product Data Acquisition

A big issue with our Brand clients is the ability to acquire rich and complete product data from multiple sources. Your data needed to create an effective product listing campaign could exist in your eCommerce platform, Product Information Management (PIM) platform, on your website or even in a spreadsheet. How do you extract this data and bring it together in the form a complete product feed? You can try asking your tech team but your timeline could be long depending on where all of the data exists.

2. Product Data Enhancements

Each marketing channel has unique requirements for their product listing feed. If you have a complete set of data, how do you optimize that data so it’s structure meets the needs of each channel partner? Colors might have to be re-named and titles, categories and descriptions may need to be restructured. Do you or your agency have time to enhance and sometimes re-structure your product data for each marketing channel?

3. Campaign Feed Optimizations

Your campaigns are running and approved. Now what? Is your marketing team or agency complaining they aren’t getting the conversions they need because the feeds won’t allow them to do campaign optimizations? What if you wanted to target your campaigns by best sellers or by margin? How do you update your feeds to give your marketing department or your agency this type of flexibility to take your campaigns to the next level?

How Highstreet.io can help


1. Product Data Acquisition

Allow your tech team to deal with the needs of your business and let the product feed experts handle your feeds. Highstreet.io can work independently or with your tech team as a consultant. We develop a strategy based on your technical needs to extract product data from multiple sources so you can rest assured your feeds are always complete.


2. Product Data Enhancements

It takes an expert who is up-to-date on the ever-changing requirements of Google Shopping and other shopping channels to create product feeds that drive ROI.

Our flexible SaaS platform can handle complex data enhancements and synchronize data often so it is always correct and current.

3. Campaign Feed Optimizations

Some Brands are happy with getting status quo results from their product listing campaigns. Other Brands see the benefit in taking their campaigns one step further by targeting specific segments or creating custom promotions that drive additional revenue. We work with you or your agency to make sure your feeds support targeting the right products to the right audience.

Highstreet.io services


Product Feed Management

  • Adaptive Performance Feeds: Creation & Management
  • Local Inventory Feeds: Creation & Management
  • Color Customization & Management (Google standards)
  • Promotion Driven Feeds
  • Shopping Channel Feed Consulting
  • Google Merchant Center (GMC) Promotion Management
  • Dedicated Product Feed Consultant
  • Google Merchant Center (GMC) ongoing management of disapprovals

Product Feed Production

  • Real-Time Product Feed Statistics
  • Brand Name Standardization (multiple names to one)
  • Promotion Driven Feeds (mark products as part of a promotion)
  • Real-Time Feed Synchronization
  • Multilingual Keyword Mapping
  • API Integration with Shopping Channels
  • Advanced Web Scraping Technology
  • Split & Merge Variants of product data
  • Generation of Unique Ids
  • Generation of Category Ids
  • Feed Merges (dynamic feeds + master feeds)

Marketplace Synchronization

  • Product Listing in Marketplaces
  • Product Data Configuration & Management
  • Order Management & Synchronization
  • Inventory Synchronization
  • Product Data Consulting
  • 24 hour turnaround for support


1. Provide Us With Your Feeds

We take your feeds in any format that you choose, whether provided by the major eCommerce platforms or any ad hoc format of your choice.

We generally use FTP, SFTP, HTTP(S) protocols for feed import but can support other protocols as required.

If needed, we can even generate the feeds remotely by harvesting your eCommerce site

2. Select Shopping Channels

We connect to any product feed based channel or service including:


Google Merchant Center




Affiliate Networks


Comparison Shopping Networks


Retargeting Services


Mobile Apps


Review Services


Competitive Intelligence Services

Channels supported


Reduced Feed Management Costs

3. Review Your Optimized Product Data Feed/API

We customize feeds and/or APIs specific to your needs and deliver your product data to marketing/sales channels around the world. The most up-to-date data requirements for each channel are constantly monitored and optimized to maximize the ROI of your campaigns.


Monitor the performance of each product listing on each feed/API


Concentrate resources on high performing products to maximize ROI


Merchandise at the feed level through brand, product and price filters


Add promotions, discounts, sales based on flexible selection criteria

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