Affiliate marketing is an effective way for online retailers to drive traffic and sales.
While the nature of performance based marketing guarantees a return, the European market offers complexities that make it more difficult for retailers to achieve success. This post provides a quick rundown on affiliate marketing and a list of affiliate networks operating in Europe.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves paying a commission to affiliates on sales made to customers that have been directed to your site from the affiliate’s website. Because you only pay when a sale is made, you are guaranteed a return on your investment.

For those of you who are new to affiliate marketing, this video from IAB UK explains the basics.

Choosing an affiliate network

Affiliate marketing would not exist if it weren’t for the affiliate networks who provide the infrastructure that puts affiliates (or publishers) in contact with advertisers (online merchants). The networks also provide the tracking technology that lets advertisers know which publishers made the sale so they can be duly rewarded. Many networks even offer services to help advertisers manage their affiliate programs.

The decision of which network to use is obviously a very important one and since there is a lot of variation you need to choose one that is right for you. Graham Jenner outlines some of the things merchants need to consider when selecting an affiliate network as their partner in this post. One aspect recognized but not covered in the article is the question of location.

European affiliate networks (updated January 2016)

Since Europe is a fragmented market with numerous languages and currencies, it is important to know that the affiliate network you choose has a solid knowledge of the markets you want to target. Below you will find a list of networks that operate in Europe that could help you get started in your search for an affiliate network.

Rakuten Linkshare affilaite Network logo
Rakuten Linkshare
Reach – Global

One of the largest affiliate networks on the planet, Linkshare covers a huge range of advertiser categories.

AWIN logo
Reach – Europe, North America

Following their acquisition of Affiliate Window,  Zanox rebranded the combined company as AWIN.  It remains one of the most popular affiliate networks in Europe primarily concentrating on the following sectors: Insurance & Finance, Retail/Shopping, Telco & Services and Travel.

Trade Tracker Logo
Reach – Global

Headquartered in the UK, Tradetracker has a global presence covering areas including Europe, Brazil, Mexico, India and the Middle East. They offer programs in the Travel, Services, Telecom, Retail and Finance verticals.

Reach – Western and Eastern Europe, Brazil

One of the leading affiliate networks in Europe, Tradedoubler serves merchants from broad range of verticals across the continent.  It has recently expanded its operations to include Brazil.

cj affiliate network logo
Reach – Global

Formerly Commission Junction, CJ is a global affiliate network provider with operations on all continents.  CJ impressive roster of advertisers includes companies from a comprehensive range of industry verticals.

Webgains affiliate network logo
Reach – North America, Western Europe

With a focus on customer service, Webgains currently caters to clients from a broad range of verticals including fashion, home and garden, travel, online games, sports and other retail merchants.

Performance Horizon affiliate network logo
Performance Horizon Group
Reach – Global

Positioned as a premium affiliate network service provider, the Performance Horizon Group doesn’t give much away on its website.  The globally focused offering targets enterprise level brands that sell across international borders.

Reach – Western Europe, Brazil

A French-based network, Effiliation has successfully expanded into the major Western European markets such as Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the Benelux nations as well as Brazil.  Effiliation currently has accounts covering a broad range of verticals.

Public idees affiliate network Logo
Reach – Western Europe, Brazil

Another French based network that, like Effiliation, has successfully expanded into Western Europe and Brazil (and South Africa).  Publicidees has experience in the following verticals:  Travel/leisure, Shopping, Banking/Insurance/Finance, Health/Beauty, Dating, Consumer Goods, Cars, Telephony and Services.

Revendless affiliate network logo
Reach – Europe

Based in Strasbourg, Revendless provides easy to use e-commerce solutions for bloggers and large enterprise publishers.  Going by their website, it looks like fashion/apparel is one of the sectors they cover.

Tracdelight affiliate network logo
Reach – Europe

Tracdelight goal is to connect premium online shops & brands with first-class publishers.   Their focus is on fashion, beauty, living, food and sports.

Moreniche Affiliate Network logo
Reach – US, UK, Europe

MoreNiche focuses on a narrow range of verticals with advertisers that are willing to pay high commissions (around 30-50% of the sale value) to their affiliates.  Verticals covered include: Health, Nutrition, Beauty and Weight loss.  MoreNiche has offices in the UK and US and serves some non-English speaking European countries including Germany, Russia and France.

Optimize Affiliate Network logo (black)
Optimise (formerly OMG)
Reach – Europe, Asia Pacific

Concentrating on it’s expertise in the Travel, Finance, Utilities and Telecomms verticals, Optimise provides coverage of Europe as well as the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific, India and Brazil.

Admitad affiliate network logo
Reach – Eastern Europe, Germany, Switzerland

Founded in Moscow, Admitad has expanded across Eastern Europe and Germany.  They service a wide variety of sectors. Affiliate Network logo
Reach – Strong presence in Eastern Europe and Spain

One of the leading Affiliate Networks in Eastern Europe, working in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Georgia and other countries.  Main verticals are finance campaigns: payday loans, insurance offers etc.

Affmy logo
Reach – Global

Affmy is a conversion lab which provides exclusive offers and in-house funnels. Their portfolio includes over 100 offers in Tier 1, Asia, EU, and LATAM GEOs with the special focus on Dating and Paysite verticals.  They share unique working solutions designed specifically for each type of traffic and expertise in Affiliate marketing.

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